Everyone wants a straighter smile, but not everyone wants to spend a year or more with a mouthful of metal that comes with traditional braces. And active teens and adults may not have the time to make multiple trips to the office for adjustments. And then of course, there are the food restrictions that make life with braces less than appealing. With clear orthodontic aligners, you can enjoy a straightened smile with less treatment time than braces, without the limits on your menu and without the metal. If you want to experience the difference of clear aligners in Ashburn, Virginia, call First Impression Dental at 571-465-2114 to plan your visit with our dentist, Dr. Carter Reeves and his associates.

Our office is proud to provide two of the most popular clear aligner systems: Invisalign® and SureSmile®.


If you are looking for the most discreet orthodontic treatment you can get, ask us about Invisalign aligners! The Invisalign system uses a blend of plastic that is more comfortable than other aligners and is nearly invisible. Other clear aligners are difficult to notice; Invisalign is nearly impossible to spot!


If you are wanting a straighter smile in a smaller timeframe, meet with our dentist to learn more about SureSmile clear aligners. This clear aligner system uses some of the most advanced treatment planning software to create orthodontic plans that lead to lasting results faster. With SureSmile, you can trust that your new smile is being created with precision, comfort and speed.

If you would like to learn more about orthodontic clear aligners and how you can begin your treatment, contact us today! We are excited to help you achieve your smile goals.

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