Your Dentist in Ashburn, VA

Meet Dr. Carter Reeves

Dr. Carter Reeves is a second-generation dentist who is following in the footsteps of his father. He graduated with his dental degree from Medical College of Virginia and continues to pursue postdoctoral training in a variety of specialties, including TMJ disorders, dental implants, smile design and Invisalign® treatment. He blends comprehensive care and compassion with a desire to create a wonderful dental experience. With a visit to our office, you can rest assured knowing your smile is in good hands.

Meet Dr. Liz Ramsey

Dr. Liz Ramsey-Reeves has a passion for health, having completed her bachelor's degree in biological sciences and her doctoral degree in physical therapy, and she is the chief operator and founder of First Impression Dental. She has spearheaded several fundraising events for the American Cancer Society and other health organizations, and she frequently volunteers for many local community organizations and events. She is driven to build strong relationships in the community as well as with the patients who visit our office.